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Our goal is to deliver ads that are not only valuable to advertisers, but also valuable to our community.

Provisions Applicable to Advertisers:

1.      You can target your specific audience by buying ads on Utherverse or our affiliated network of VWW Worlds.

2.      We will determine the size, placement, and positioning of your ads according to site content, availability and other factors.

3.      We do not guarantee the activity that your ads will receive, such as the number of views or clicks that you will receive, and the service is provided on as is basis. If we terminate any VWW world we are not liable for reimbursement for any loss of revenue

4.      We cannot control how people interact with your ads, and are not responsible for click fraud, vandalism, malicious or other improper actions that affect the cost of running ads, or how the message is interpreted.

5.      You can cancel your Order at any time but it may take us up to seven days before the ad stops running.

6.      We will run your ad up to the date of completion of each specific Order. You understand, however, that if members have interacted with your ads, your ads may remain cached within the system and user computers systems.

7.      We may reject or remove any ad acting reasonably. We will provide you notice of this if we do so and a refund if appropriate.

8.      If you are placing ads on someone else's behalf, we need to make sure you have permission to place those ads, including the following:

9.      You warrant that you have the legal authority to bind the advertiser to these TOS.

10.      You agree that if the advertiser you represent violates these TOS, we may hold you responsible for that violation.

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