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This agreement (the "Volunteer Agreement") is in addition to the Terms of Service that normally cover your relationship with the Service. It is intended for use by people who volunteer for — and are granted — access to certain extra features of the Service.

All of the Terms of Service ("TOS") under the Menu tab "Terms of Service" apply to volunteers and are incorporated into this Volunteer Agreement by this reference, but the TOS prevail if there is any conflict.

There are features of the Service that are locked out for Basic, VIP and Universal users. This Volunteer Agreement gives you a limited license to these extra Service Features during the term you are a Volunteer. You will not have to pay us anything extra to use these features. This may include one or more of the following:


1.      Ability to access restricted areas of our forums;

2.      Access to features contained in Service such as additional clothing access, "kicking" and "booting";

3.      Ability to access the Service world through more than one user account;

4.      Ability to access areas of the Service that are otherwise inaccessible;

5.      Ability to engage in speed chat;

6.      Accelerated technical support access;

7.      Access to non-public company information through forums, email, messenger systems, and otherwise;

8.      Access to additional privileges on the forum;

9.      Access to the admin button on the interface;

10.  Additional features as may be added from time to time.

1.      However, we may temporarily or permanently turn off, limit, or otherwise change the extra Service Features, or limit certain features to certain users, without notice, and without incurring any obligation to you.

2.      We may decide to reward you for helping us to test these features, for using these features as we choose. However, you are not obligated to use these features in any specific manner, or for any set period of time (although your obligations under the TOS, including limitations on the use of our services, continue to apply). Any reward is simply a gift, and there is no promise or representation that any reward will be given. We will not provide a monetary reward; rather, the reward (if any) would take the form of additional in world features, possessions, rights, fictional currency, discounted or free access to VIP features, additional accounts, or other virtual goods. Either party can terminate this Volunteer Agreement at any time and for any reason, without affecting the TOS or any other agreement we may have with you.

3.      During the course of this Volunteer Agreement, we may disclose information to you that is confidential. You must treat all information you obtain while acting as a Volunteer as confidential other than information that (a) we identify in writing as non-confidential; (b) information that is in the public domain at the time of disclosure, through no wrongful act on your part; or (c) information not already subject to a confidentiality agreement that you obtained prior to ever entering into any agreement with us that contains a confidentiality obligation. These obligations shall persist for three years following your termination of all agreements with Utherverse or any of its Services, past, present or future.

4.      This Volunteer Agreement and the TOS contain the whole agreement between us and replace all previous understandings and agreements between us relating to these transactions. Neither of us has relied on any representation, warranty, or other assurance (except those set out in this Volunteer Agreement and the TOS) made by or on behalf of either of us or any other person whatsoever before consenting to this Volunteer Agreement. We each waive all rights and remedies that might otherwise be available to us in respect of any such representation, warranty, or other assurance, provided that nothing stated here limits or exclude any liability for willful misconduct or fraud.



1.      Be informed. This Volunteer role requires you to stay up to date with the latest TOS, Forum Guidelines and this Volunteer Agreement, as changes may occur. The version number is listed at the top of the TOS. You must also review the information provided to you through Section V, the Volunteer Meetings and email communications. If you don’t understand something you are responsible for finding answers to your questions.

2.      Be considerate of others and put the needs of the Community above your own.

3.      Be helpful in a professional, polite and respectful manner to all members, volunteers and staff. Help them the way you would like to be helped.

4.      Be timely in the fair and objective collection of information from members and volunteers. Also be timely in the provision of collected or requested information to the appropriate people, persons or departments.

5.      Obtain proof of the allegations being made by others since without evidence complaints are very hard to act upon. Screen shots of conversations serve as the best evidence, so be vigilant in collecting these as the problems arise.

6.      Feel supported, as we will back all actions you take in good faith — as sometimes you will need to make a decision without the opportunity to consult staff first. However World Operations has the final say and may have to overrule a measure taken by you and we urge you not to take this personally. Generally it is best to seek advice if you are not sure about what to do.

7.      Participate freely and opening in the Forums, in worlds — VWW and Utherverse alike, and in the Social Center within the bounds of these TOS and those set out in each of the VWWs. You will be held to a higher standard of behaviour and your postings will reflect on our reputation.

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