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It is those of you who think you know it all who are especially irritating to those of us who do.
104 years old 
Van Down By the River, State N/A 
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Last Profile Login: 10/17/2016
Last World Login: 10/17/2016
Member Since: 4/25/2009
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I Am Here For: as long as they don't ban my ass. lmao
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Have children
Education: College Graduate
Religion: Scientologist
Smoke: N/A
Drink: Yes
Occupation: Nerdsician
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6' 2"
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Languages: Grunts and Gestures
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About me:


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Coolbullies Studios

Taking a long vacation.
Thanks for the memories...

Have I said? Suck my anus uv? Well I should have, sorry.

My Final CoolBullie: A Tribute to UV

Hughbie vs. World Ops! lol

My Music Corner:

Welcome to the "Cool" side!

CoolBullies™ 1-of-a-Kind Award Winning Bulletins, any type!
Coolbanners™ Detailed,Original, Graphics, Buisness Signs & Logos
CoolProfs™ Unbeleivable Profiles, How'd he do that? :) And Rescue!
CoolProps™ My Own Props sold thru Associates Dragon's Prop Shop
CoolClips™ sound clips and custom DJ show intro sound clips.

Note: When leaving specs, the following words and phrases are not allowed on the spec. sheet and will be ignored by the system: "cheap, "nothing fancy", "tomorrow", "do it this way", "put this here and that there", "fast", "pay you later", "can I have...?" , "use this picture" and "I don't know." to name a few. :)

Coolbullies Studios Schedule and News...

Welcome to my showpage! Standard 2 1/2 panel Coolbullies are 350 Rays. If I can't satisfy in two tries, you get your rays back. Once you buy from me, you get free support for life, no matter what it's about. If I need to charge you for something, I'll tell you up front so you can decide if you want to go that route or not. I guarantee satisfaction or I keep my work and give you your rays back. New clients are required to pay up front with the same satisfaction guarantee in place.

The Latest Special from CoolBullies Studios - Profile Code!

Play "What's Missing?" Here!

The Latest Productions from Coolbullies Studios (Most recent first) :

Prior Awards: Thank you Kathy and all my supporters and clients.
Yeah I know some deserve a good smack now and then, don't we all, but any man that hits a woman is a pathetic, cowardly LOSER in my book.
Click HERE for 10 harmless (lol) alternatives.

Custom One-of-a-Kind made from scratch, anything goes profiles.
Do you need some help with your profile or a new completely unique profile that screams YOU or promotes your business? I created mine from scratch with html and css styling language and lots of photoshopping. I've overhauled several profiles and cleaned up some disasters that got away from some plus I've created some from scratch that you can't get at Pimp my Malware for MyCrap. lol I know most the tricks and all that scary code you've seen makes perfect sense to me. I will do a full custom profile overhaul for only 500 rays. There's plenty of free "Myspace" layouts out there on those malware, spyware and virus laced sites, but nothing like these, I guarantee. Besides, can you go the author and have it customized for you for chump change? I don't think so. I suggest you put a big condom CoolBullies Studio on your pc before getting that free profile code because, it's true, aint nothing free. You tell me what you want your profile to "say" about you with some adjectives or things that you like (i.e. Sexy, Kinky, Harley Davidson, Scenery, Glitzy, Grunge, etc.), give me any graphics you have that you like and leave the rest to me. I license you the code, detailed instructions to install and support. Some just want a new color font, a movie posted or simple fixes done which I price by the task, but all inexpensive and all my work is satisfaction guaranteed. I will also teach you a little about what I'm doing if you want to know. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I eat it and you get your rays back. I also have discounts for payments to Paypal instead of rays (for saving me the trouble and expense of converting rays to groceries.). I answer your questions before and after the sale, giving you a friendly, patient, technical source whenever you need it. More information is below regarding my graphics and technical services business known as Coolbullies Studios. Perhaps there's something I can do for you? Ask me! It costs nothing to get a quote. New profiles from scratch start at 500 rays. Some repairs as low as 50 rays. I do ask new clients to pay up front for thier first job for obvious reasons. Get a profile that others can't stay away from. Get a CoolProf™!

"Coolbanners"™ and "Coolbullies"™ Info:
I am the creator of Coolbanners™ and CoolBullies™ you may have seen. You can't miss 'em or confuse them with any others. When you want something really special, it's time for a Coolbanner™ or a Coolbullie™ from Coolbullies Studios. If you're here to find out more, you've come to the right place. Let's define what I mean by banner and bullie. A banner is a single image file, .png (transparencies) or .jpg (no transparencies) created just for you to pump your image and get you or your business noticed to post anywhere you can post an image such as profiles, websites, in world on a wall and even on the bulletin board if you like. Bullies, short for bulletins, on the other hand, are a combination of several elements including banners, images, links, music, movies with far more room to promote whatever you want to promote. Coolbullies are webpages, not just a picture slapped on the board. The most unique feature/benefit about using a framed website reference for your ad is that I can update your Coolbullie page on my server and every single one previously posted on the board will be updated as well. Try that with a standard bullie! They look and will make you and/or your business look like a million rays without wrecking your advertising budget. I spend on average between 4 and 10 hours on your project, sometimes more, and I work fast believe it or not, being very experienced on a computer. There's just a lot to do to create an original, creative and sharp enough graphic to be called a Coolbanner™ or a Coolbullie™ and I don't take shortcuts which may diminish the quality of your project. Every image I use, and there's sometimes dozens, goes through my Photoshop for processing, and that's after all the research and brainstorming to come up with images, style and theme for your Coolbullie™.

DJ, Club, and Biz Banners (Signs and Posters): Starting at 300®...
Original, unique, attractive and catchy image file(s) transferred to you and also gets free lifetime hosting on my server. Just answer a few questions and get ready to have a banner like you've always wanted. Get a banner that screams and shines! Personalized to portray your image and your style. Choose your color scheme or leave it to me. Bling and sparkle or grunge and dirty, you decide. High Contrast lettering to stand out and be easy to read wherever it's posted, even when shrunk. You or your club has an image you want portrayed and that's exactly what a CoolBanner™ does. Use them in your own bullies, paste them on your profile using the code I give you as well so you don't lose any resolution copying them here and there. For another 50 rays, you get the posting code to add a music player under your Coolbanner™ or stand alone, wherever you want to use the posting code I supply you for any song, songs or music stream player such as your Hot Lix or Internet Radio station player you want to post with your banner with free lifetime hosting on the web server host I use. Many examples are in my photo album here on my profile and in my in-world showroom open to the public at the link on my Coolbanner™ below or above. Many of the top DJs in RLC have a CoolBanner™ as well as several of the finest clubs. I do simpler signs and posters for less but you always get a bargain with anything you hire me to do for you. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don't love it, I eat it and you get your rays back. Go ahead, be the first, I dare ya! lol Check out all the CoolBanners I've done and get with me for the banner you've always wanted. What does your current banner say about you? It's all about image, why not give your image a dose of steroids and get a Coolbanner™ for yourself and make people do a double take when they see it and get remembered before they even enjoy your talent.

What put me on the map and set the standard for excellence on the bullietin board. 350® and up.
Events, New Business Announcements, Parties, Wedding Announcements, etc. You will receive the posting code only for Coolbullies™ I retain all images I create and compile and all page makeup code. Each bullie is actually a web page hosted on my server with up to 3 panels framed, 2-1400x700 and 1-700x700 and more if needed. Your Coolbullie™ will be one-of-a-kind, original, fun, entertaining and informative loaded with features like stunning graphics and design, off the wall humor, autoplay streaming music or videos, and of course Coolbullie™'s reputation as being the absolute best graphics and ads you can buy in RLC and worth every ray. Each Coolbullie™ is thoroughly tested in the lastest version of the big 3 browsers, MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I do not test any older versions of the browsers since I'd spend all my time testing in browsers that people have been too lazy to upgrade out of instead of creating new Coolbullies. Browser upgrades are free for crying out loud, upgrade! Features designed for convenience and more coverage include: "Never Ends", down-the-line, easy click-to-copy reposting code from friend to friend unlike regular textarea repost code that only one friend downstream can post, direct "click-to-go" links to vww addresses in world, social center profiles or any web address you want to link to with a single click that does not contain malware, spyware or viruses, and I do check your links with Norton Internet Security to make sure you don't send your audience somewhere they might not appreciate. (Firefox does not like vww addys with spaces as it decodes the unicode before the code reaches the host server unlike IE and Chrome as spaces are not normally allowed in web addresses, but I'm working on a solution to that), You also get hit counts on request to see how many users are viewing your ads, unlimited content (can go way beyond RLC limits) because it's actually a webpage displayed in a frame on the bulletin board with razor sharp hi-resolution images that are hosted on a private server with no size limit like the free sites such as Photobucket does. They also include image protection to prevent most non-techie users from copying your banners or logos off the bullie with a right click. So other than just looking great and being so entertaining, Coolbullies™ have lots more reasons why they earned that name. Anything that can be put on a webpage can be put into your Coolbullie™ even fun javascript routines that will intrique and amuse your audience. Coolbullies get your audience looking at your business or event and keeps them there with entertaining, interesting and humerous graphics and themes that let's them know that you care enough to use the very best and leave a lasting impression. I go over and over each Coolbullie™ to make sure it pleases even the toughest critic like myself and will never deliver one to you unless I am completely satisfied with it. So join the best of the best in RLC and get your own Coolbullie™ and watch your traffic jump as a result. People can't resist opening a coolbullie and enjoying them and I am constantly looking for better and more features to include to make them stand out even more. You want one, you know it and I can't wait to deliver yours to you and see your joy with not only posting your very own but from reaping the benefits of the increased traffic you will surely see as a result. Join the biggest, most successful businesses in RLC by using Coolbullies to advertise your products, services or events. Just drop me a note and get ready for helpful professional service before and after the sale. Come experience the difference you will notice with a Coolbullie™ from Coolbullies Studios and Graphics by Hugh. I work extremely hard for every ray I make with nothing but your satisfaction in mind. Let me show you first hand what you've been missing. I pride myself on them being easy to read and colorful with beautiful or crazy graphics depending on the theme. I would like to have at least a week's notice before post date but I have done several last minute projects for clients in a bind, staying up all night if need be to get them done, for a premium of course.

Incredibly Detailed low-lag custom props for your club or zaby. Each custom creation signed by yours truly, Hugh.

browneyedhottie posing with a custom pallet of sugar I made for The Sugar Twins, AngelEyesAmy and DJ_Addicted, that they used to dance on while DJ'ing with their favorite song being Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me". I make custom props including probably the finest looking marijuana plant you'll ever see in rlc. I make and install custom detailed name-brand amps, mics, mic stands, instruments and PA gear for full stage setups that look so real you will be amazed. I'll put my stage setups against anyone's. . There is one on display in my showroom, go have a look. I can put animated realistic blue crabs on your beach, and seagulls soaring off shore. There is almost no challenge I won't try when it comes to design and deco.

Clients Served:
Some of my clients include my pal Caden, DJ_BellaGiovanni, AVA World, Thugz, Black Rose Promotions and The Pussy Cat Dolls Club and Dancers, Exquisite Designs (James Sherwood) c/o Dreamz (LeAnne778), The Barbies, Fire & Ice, PussyCat Dolls Dancers, Dragon's Prop Shop, Graceland and Gracie_5, SOP Productions and The New Wild Cherry's Club, Bassman's House of Blues, Exotic Dreams, Pulse, Niche Boutique, Club Erratic, BlueT and her Clubs, Belvania, Mad Magicians Prop Shop, The Cavern Club, Furnishings by Litchie, SyNful Creations, Disgraceland, The Apprentice, Apprentice Fashion, Palais Freaque, Rock Hard, The Club, Ontourage, Club 80s, SkypeMeetMkt, BabeGurlX and MystX and their clubs, Simply_Eve, and numerous Top DJ's including _Charlee, DJ_ShawtyLuv, MrsMellyGoth, DJ_RknGrl, DJ_Rosie, HeadDikInCharge and HDICE, DJ_Charlenne, DJ_Lifeson and many more. I invite you to ask any of them for a referral and that's just a small sampling. I have new clients coming to the "Cool" side all the time and I always welcome new clients. Thank you for your interest in a Coolbanner™ or a Coolbullie™ by Hugh and I look forward to helping you succeed in whatever endeavor you are seeking promotion for. I prefer to use Skype for file and code transfer. Lastly, I require that you send me a friend request if I am not already on your list. :)

CoolBullies Studios

Thank You,
Coolbullies Studios

General Terms...
Free support for all my clients and lifetime free hosting of banners and bullies. Satisfaction guarantee - If you don't love my work, I eat it and give you your rays back. Skype is my preferred image and code transfer vehicle. Accounts are free. New clients are required to pay in advance please. Existing clients may pay upon delivery, or not if they don't love their purchase. In over three years in business in RLC, I have only given rays back to one impossible person whom I then used his graphics with a competitor, The Barbies, who still use it today, but maybe someday he'll understand what "molten" means. lol I have sold hundreds of Coolbanners™ and even more, I lost count, of Coolbullies™ as of early 2013. Discounts for cash payment to my paypal account. My goal is to provide my clients with the highest quality graphics and advertisements possible and I always go the extra mile, never taking shortcuts. I spend anywhere from 4-8 hours making Coolbanners™ and 8-10 hours making Coolbullies™ so my pricing is incredibly low for what goes into my creations. I will use provided graphics only if they meet my strict quality guidelines and will reject them or remake them upon request for a fee if they do not. I will not use grainy or blurry low resolution graphics or images. I use the latest tools to build my projects focusing on readability, layout and focus of topic. I consider my Coolbullies™ to be more art and entertainment than an ad, as do most. But don't take my word for it, ask any of my fine clients if they got their money's worth.

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Anyone who shares my vision of this place, fun, friendship, laughter and music.
Gets me to Charlee's Country: Rose

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"If you smile at me, I will understand, cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language." - David Crosby

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Sorry, don't have a favorite, it changes daily.

Well, duh.


Classic comedies are my favorites. Caddy Shack, Animal House, The Blues Brothers...

Coolbullies Studios
Click banner to visit Coolbullies Studios Showroom.


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